Let me spell out this passional experience of contemporary man of faith. He looks upon himself as a stranger in modern society which is technically minded, self-centered, and self-loving, almost in a sickly narcissistic fashion, scoring honor upon honor, piling up victory upon victory, reaching for the distant galaxies, and seeing in the here-and-now sensible world the only manifestation of being. What can a man of faith like myself, living by a doctrine which has no technical potential, by a law which cannot be tested in the laboratory, steadfast in his loyalty to an eschatological vision whose fulfillment cannot be predicted with any degree of probability, let alone certainty, even by the most complex, ad- vanced mathematical calculations — what can such a man say to a functional utilitarian society which is }jnl•u•v1x{rnwànm”and whose practical reasons of the mind have long ago supplanted the sensitive reasons of the heart?

Uit Lonely Man of Faith (Joseph Ber (Yosef Dov, Yoshe Ber) Soloveitchik)