My Big Brother


Fernando used to play with his big brother Dominique a lot, but lately not. Now his brother is only busy playing with his phone and chatting with his girlfriend.




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Fernando is eleven years old and crazy about motocross, just like his big brother Dominique. Harnessed as a knight each Saturday they step on their 85cc steel horses, ready to tackle the tournament cup. Every match, before they step on the bike, the brothers ask God if He’s riding with them, because motocross is difficult and dangerous. One mistake and you’re in the hospital. Or worse. Fernando can barely keep the big bike. Therefore, his big brother taught him how to tackle the curve, how to jump and never to look back. Dominque is good: he is first in the tournament. Fernando is proud of his big brother. If he races by, Fernando shouts the lungs out of his body. But Dominique has changed. Dominique is more concerned with his mobile and chatting with the girls.



This film, together with My Little Sister, is part of a series about children growing-up. 



Fernando and Dominique
Jan Willem den Bok (directing, camera, editing)
Floor Koomen (editorial)





Movie Length: 12 min.
Broadcast date: 2013.
Produced on behalf of the EO for Zapp, Echt Gebeurd. © All rights reserved.