‘No no rio e mar!’ (Portuguese for ‘On the river and sea!’), is the eloquent cry from the residents of the island of Ilha de Maré, located in All Saints’ Bay in Brazil. The fishing community of this paradise is threatened by chemical industry from Petrobras, a large, state-controlled oil and gas company that wins oil on and around the island. Waters are polluted, fish and shellfish die. In this documentary Jan Willem den Bok and Floor Koomen portray the story of Eliete Paraguaçu and Marizelia ‘Nega’ Carlos Lopes, two militant women from the fishing community, who take it up against the polluting industries and lax government.

This film gives voice to a forgotten people!

No Rio e No Mar!
Jan Willem den Bok (director, camera, editor)
Floor Koomen (director, senior-editor)

Length: 57 min.
Premiere: Official Selection Movies That Matter 2016.
Produced by EO. © All rights reserved.