One Day



Everyday is the same for Jos, who lives together with his mother in an apartment. His daily life is neatly ordered by a small book that instructs him how to live from the moment he wakes up. But life can change.





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Jos is almost 40 years old and mentally handicapped. Together with his mother (63) he has lived all his life eight-high in a grumpy apartment in Rotterdam South. Jos is still cared for by his mother, every minute of his life. They sleep together in one bed, and only go out together for shopping. The shopping cart, where Jos like to climb in to, has a permanent place in the hall. Every day seems the same as the previous, but for Jos every day is a discovery. When he wakes up and feels the carpet between his toes, he grins as if it were the first time. When his mother has opened the button of his pajama he hurries to the bathroom to see how his pee slowly turns from yellow to transparent washes as he flushes. All these discoveries stand in his book that his mother gave him when he was 4. She noted that it made him comfortable. Ever since then, their lives are fixed in 52 fatty crumpled leaves.




The script was written by Jan Willem den Bok, selected to be filmed and directed by Jaap van Heusden for the project One Night Stand III. It was nominated for the Dutch Golden Calf Price in 2008.




Jan Willem den Bok (screenplay)
Anita Voorham (scriptcoach)
Jaap van Heusden (director)
Marc Bary (producer)





Movie Length: 40 min.
Broadcast Date: 2008.
Produced by IJswater and commissioned by the NPS for One Night Stand III. © All rights reserved.