Corpus Mama



18 years, 4 months, 6 days and 3 hours (a total of 17797 hours) Marcel took care of his mother. It cost him his job, his relationship with his girlfriend, the dream to get married and te become a father one day. Now, his task is fulfilled.





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The documentary “Corpus Mama ‘, which was broadcasted by the EO on May 13, 2014 gives a penetrating picture of the lonely and exhausting side of nursing, that remains hidden for most people. Marcel deliberately chose a life in the shadows. “I could not do otherwise.” he says, “I consider it a mission of love. Not only love as a son to his mother, but also as a love-mission from God.” That this love is anything but easy is evident in the intimate images of Marcel and his mother. The unknown side of nursing sometimes is so demanding that the viewer wonders what this kind of nursing has to do with love.


I watched this impressive documentary with tears in my eyes. Well done Marcel! (Sjef)



Marcel van Dam, Mw. van Dam
Jan Willem den Bok (directing, camera, edit)
Bert Klumper (second camera aug. 2013)
Floor Koomen (editorial)



Movie length: 59 min.
Broadcasting date: 13-05-2014.
Produced on behalf of the EO for 2Doc. © All rights reserved.