Karanga Prison




Six prisoners share their stories of regret and hope in the infamous Tanzanian Karanga Prison.







Every day, more than 1,000 prisoners endure the heat and boredom of life behind the bars of the infamous Tanzanian Karanga prison. Many of them have been waiting for their trial for years. Others who are convicted claim to be innocent. The prison sentences in Tanzania are heavy. And with not much else to do than bake bread or make shoes for the Tanzanian army, it’s hard to imagine how to keep hope behind these rusty bars.




How can you keep hope in those circumstances?.





Special thanks to Dorcas and Karanga Prison
Jan Willem den Bok den Bok (film, editing)
EO (Producent)





Movie Length: 53 min.
Broadcast date: 11-09-2018, Metterdaad
Evangelische Omroep