Your host…Philip James!

Philip James is 42 years, radio host for the one and only independent radio station in Southern Sudan. He owes his place in the South Sudanese society to an educational institution that is funded by ICCO / KiA. He is a journalist fighting for freedom of expression and is proud of his South Sudanese identity, but he fears for the future of the country, not only because of the external threat from North Sudan but mainly by internal threats of corruption, tribalism, intolerance and illiteracy. He fights for his country with nothing more and nothing less than a microphone with which he travels daily through the ether of South Sudan, seeking solidarity, honesty and freedom of expression.




Every morning, the South Sudanese radio presenter Philip James opens his radio program with the phrase ‘Good Morning South Sudan!’ In this impoverished country his studio interviews show us the lives of five South Sudanese. Each of them has a layered story that reflects the pain of the past, the harsh realities of the present and their dream for South Sudan.

Deze film geeft stem aan een vergeten volk!

Goodmorning South Sudan
Jan Willem den Bok (regie, camera, montage)
Floor Koomen (regie, eindredactie)

Filmlengte: 57 min.
Premiere: 2DOC, Dutch TV 2016.
Geproduceerd in opdracht van de EO. © Alle rechten voorbehouden.