Comments on FCPXTRA Keyword

Mike Matzdorff

I think this is a GREAT bit of tech. congratulations!
(First Assistant Editor ‘Focus’, feat. Will Smith on Twitter)

Robert Does

Speeds up the process of transcribing. For me it is much faster than typing (2 finger typist)

Ben Balser

Bravo! Apple, you paying attention? Huge possibilities here to be built-in to the app. Apple, pay attention, please.

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S. Downes

I think it could be a huge advantage and timesaver. One of FCPX’s major advantages is it’s database style design around keywords and smart collections and so any tool that enhances that functionality is a very good thing.

Jeff Kirkland

I bought this and I can definitely see the time gains from using it, even if you just use the shortcut to type text instead of dictating it. I have a mass of footage and interviews to sort through and from the little I’ve played with it, I’m expecting it to greatly reduce the time I’ll spend doing it.

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Richard Lubash

Working on a documentary of a 2200 year old ship recovery with 2TB of footage shot from subs and divers with GoPros and tons of interviews on the ship with scientists and that your app would be the perfect solution!!