Bee Child



Seven year old Siriel from Uganda has a dream: he wants to become a priest. But for that he must overcome his fear of bees.






Seven-year-old Ugandan boy Siriel dreams of going to school because he wants to become a priest later. He hopes one day he will pray the holy prayers in church and tell people about the Bible. But the reality is different: there is no money for school. Instead, he has to go to the bee field every day to care for the bees and harvest honey. The work makes him somewhat afraid, because a bee sting hurts a lot. But Siriel has to help his family of sixteen orphan-brothers and sisters cannot live without the income from bee honey.




This little boy is so much braver than I am.





Special thanks to Siriel Truta and his family
Jan Willem den Bok den Bok (film, editing)
IJswater Films (Producent)





Movie Length: 14 min.
Broadcast date: 11-09-2019
Produced for Mensjesrechten, EO 2019